Why an international education?

In the 21st-century global marketplace, the next generation will have unprecedented opportunities, but to realize these opportunities, they will require a cosmopolitan skillset. International schools expose students to people from myriad backgrounds, talents, languages, ethnic groups, cultures and religions. An educational background with international mindedness at its core will challenge students to be open-minded, tolerant citizens of the world seeking to make positive contributions to their communities. Following a globally recognized international curriculum will also allow students to study anywhere in the world after their experience at International School Carinthia.

A Catholic International School

Religion has and always will be a driving force in the world; therefore, at ISC, students will be encouraged to explore their own spirituality and learn about global religious traditions in the process. Christian values will serve as the cornerstone of ISC’s character education program with the ultimate goal that students will also gain respect and tolerance for other religions, belief systems, and traditions. ISC will be open to all students regardless of faith, religion or non-religious background, and we welcome all students to participate in our ecumenical religious education program.

Whom We Serve

ISC students hail from Carinthia and the world and will be united by their desire to pursue an international education informed by Christian values with English as the primary language of instruction. To balance the school’s population and provide educational opportunities for students whose native language is not German, a certain number of spaces may be reserved in each class for international students each year.

The IB and Austrian National Curriculum

As a state-sponsored, Catholic international school, ISC will offer the Austrian national curriculum combined with the International Baccalaureate (IB) pedagogical approach, and English will be the primary language of instruction. Students in grades 1-5 will experience the IB Primary Years Programme curriculum; in grades 6-10, the IB Middle Years Programme curriculum; and in grades 11-12, the IB Diploma Program curriculum.

At the end of their high school career, students will have the opportunity to receive the IB Diploma that is recognized internationally as well as nationally. IB programs provide a holistic, student-centered learning approach. ISC students will be challenged to meet the rigorous standards of the Austrian curriculum through inquiry-based pedagogy that challenges students to learn how to learn. Throughout their educational experience at ISC, students will be encouraged to live up to the core values of the IB Learner Profile in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding. They will engage in thought-provoking units of inquiry with meaningful learning activities leading to authentic formative and summative assessments to measure their learning along the way.

During the process, ISC students will always be challenged to reflect on their learning experiences to deepen conceptual understanding. The blending of the IB programs and the Austrian curriculum will also provide students a broad-based educational background. Students will study traditional core subjects as well as the arts, religion, world languages, technology, sports, and social-emotional health. ISC’s whole-day program will also challenge students to develop a balanced character through service-learning and extracurricular activities. In addition, ISC students will have opportunities to play, socialize, recreate, and eat nutritious snacks and meals during the school day. ISC will recruit the best local and international teachers to design and implement our rigorous academic program.

Our teachers will be committed to ongoing professional development, collaborative curriculum planning, and educational excellence. Our students will benefit from the diverse experiences and backgrounds our teachers bring to ISC.

ISC – A Learning Community

The ultimate goal of ISC’s rigorous academic program is for students to embrace lifelong learning and become internationally-minded global citizens. As members of the ISC community, students, teachers, staff, parents and stakeholders will be challenged at all times to demonstrate Christian values and the core values of the IB Learner Profile to help students reach these lofty goals. In and out of the classroom, ISC teachers will serve as both instructors and mentors for their students, helping them to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally during their educational journey. ISC parents will serve as crucial partners in this process, and there will be consistent dialogue between home and school so that we can work together to help our students reach their full potential. Many times throughout the year, the community will come together to celebrate the learning outcomes of ISC students. By enrolling students at International School Carinthia, parents are also pledging their commitment to ISC’s mission, core values, and goals.

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