Calendar / Holidays

Here you will find important dates, school holidays and public holidays.

Lunch program

ISC will offer warm lunch daily (3 menus – Meat, Vegetarian, Glutenfree) for students at a price of 5,55 Euros for PYP and 5.85 Euros for MYP/DP or 6,30 Euros for diets per day (from the 1st April). Monday will be a vegetarian day for all students.

After school activities

The ASA program is fee based and offers a wide variety of activities and the opportunity to participate in guided, engaging activities that complement and
enhance the curriculum that guides students daily education. Students are able to interact with friends and students from different grade levels while participating in a wide range of activities.

ASA and Phoenix Website

International School Carinthia established its own athletics teams – the ISC “PHOENIX” teams – to participate in competitive individual and team sports programs. Sports programs build character and school spirit and will allow students to develop physical and mental agility through practice and competition. ISC is represented in local and regional sports leagues and compete against other international schools in the region. Our athletic program is divided into seasons to offer a balanced range of sports teams and programs for students with a variety of athletic interests.

Pastoral Care

To fulfill our mission of developing internationally-minded citizens with strong characters who want to contribute positively to our world, International School Carinthia strives to provide a comprehensive Pastoral Care program to reinforce these goals. At the heart of our Pastoral Care program is the Latin concept thus, we strive to act in the best interests of our students in every aspect of our curriculum both in and out of the classroom.

With the IB Learner Profile at the heart of all aspects of our curriculum, we challenge students to embrace and live up to these core values daily and recognize students as much as possible when doing so. We also hope to incorporate an individualized approach to all students when implementing our Pastoral Care program as we know a „one-size-fits-all“ approach will not help all students to realize our mission.

We envision Pastoral Care to encompass all aspects of student support outside the academic curriculum, such as:

  • Character education

  • Mindfulness

  • Mentoring

  • Counseling

  • House Svstem

  • Student Government

  • Travel-learning opportunities

  • Extracurricular artivities

PE kit

Please find below the link to the ISC sports equipment online catalog:

Sport Thomasser in Villach is handling the orders and delivery directly.

If you would like to order any sports gear for your children for the school year, you can do it through this webshop easily and effectively.

We would like to emphasize that it is not compulsory to wear the equipment provided by this company, but the children are expected to follow the PHE kit colour scheme with their clothing-red top and black pants- as stated in the handbook.

Bus connection

Arrival in Velden (Franz Baumgartner Platz)
ArrivalComing from
08:17St. Jakob/Ros 7:59, Rosegg 08:10, Selpritsch 08:13
08:18Velden Busbahnhof 08:17
08:19Velden Busbahnhof 08:15
08:19Villach/Maria Gail Volksschule 07:52 St. Martin 08:09,
Rosegg 08:12, Selpritsch 08:15
08:21Klagenfurt Hbf 07:35
08:25Velden Busbahnhof 08:22
08:19Klagenfurt Hbf 07:40, Klgf. Adlergasse 07:44,
Klgf. Messe West 07:49, Klgft. Südring 07:54,
Klgft. Schmelzhütte 07:56, Viktring 08:03,
Augsdorf 08:30, Unterieserz 08:32
Departure in Velden (Franz Baumgartner Platz)
DepartureGoing to
15:36Velden Bahnhof 15:42
15:41Velden neue Mittelschule 15:41, Velden Busbahnhof 15:43,
Velden Eishall 15:44, Sonnental 15:45, Kranzlhofen 15:52,
Kranzlhofen/Saissersee 15:54, Kerschdorf 15:56,
Köstenberg ÖBB Postbusgarage 16:04
15:43Selpritsch15:47, Rosegg15:49, St.Jakob 15:58,
Weizelsdorf 16:19, Kirschentheuer 16:23,
Ferlach Busbahnhof 16:27
15:48Selpritsch Alt Wiener Hof 15:52, Lind/Rosegg 15:54
16:11Velden Bahnhof 16:17
16:12Velden Bahnhof 16:15
16:13Selpritsch 16:17, Rosegg 16:20, St.Peter 16:26,
St. Jakob 16:27, Weizelsdorf 16:55