The ISC Vocational Development Program (VDP) aspires to the following mission:

  • A 21st Century Education requires exposure to the jobs of the future.

  • Rigorous academic programmes and offerings include vocational awareness and development.

  • Carinthia and the wider region offer excellent opportunities for students to explore a variety of careers.

  • Through vocational inquiry, students will develop international mindedness and intercultural understanding and consider how they will contribute positively to our world.

In MYP 3 to MYP 5, students will have an opportunity to inquire deeply into their interests, strengths, and skills so that they can determine what direction they will take in their future. As part of the program, students will take several assessments to learn more about themselves, develop a CV / resume, learn how to write an application letter, and practice interviewing skills. They will then be given the opportunity to apply to companies or organizations for a 3-day practicum and be excused from school on these days for this purpose.

The following valuable resources will help students, teachers, and parents learn more about careers and opportunities in the region for the VDP and students’ journeys beyond ISC. We hope they are helpful in supporting ISC students on this important path towards their future.

Career and Further Education Resources

Self-Awareness and Evaluation

Testing und Ausbildung Zentrum Kärnten (TAZ) – ISC will take all students in MYP 3 each year to TAZ to help them learn more about their strength areas. Students can log in to the website at any time to see their results. If you have questions about the results of your TAZ testing, contact the TAZ office 059 434 958. If you miss this trip, contact the TAZ office to see if you can make a personal appointment.

Personal / Professional Interest Profile Test (English, German and other languages)

Career and Further Education Consultation – Schedule a free 1-hour consultation with a career counselor at the Bildungsberatung Kärnten.

WIFI Online-Potenzialanalyse – For students at the end of 10th grade, this online resource provides feedback to students who are questioning whether they should continue studying in the ISC High School Diploma Program or the IB Diploma Programme and what professional options may be available to them. The program requires a fee but gives thorough feedback to students to help them make critical decisions about their future.

Research Careers

Institut für Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft (BIC) – This website provides the following resources:

AMS Berufsinformationssystem – A website that provided information about virtually every possible job based on students’ competencies.

Virtuelle Betriebsbesichtigungen – Several professions have filmed virtual reality movies to give students a clear insight into what it means to actually work in a wide variety of professions.

Best Career Maturantinnen-Guide 2022 – This ebook provides lots of information for high school students about career options and the training / further education needed to qualify for them.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wirtschaft und Schule (AWS) – This website provides resources to teachers on how to teach career-related topics. The partner organizations also outline the opportunities schools can organize for students.

Schule trifft Wirtschaft – A website for teachers and students to find opportunities for schools to engage with jobs.
Find a Practicum / Internship

Kärnten Schnuppert – This website provides information about firms, companies, and organizations that are interested in hosting students for practicum days and internships.

Berufpraktische Tage – This website provides information about how students can engage in practicum days at companies and organizations as part of their school program.  ISC devotes days for this in MYP 3-5 when students may be excused for 3 practicum days.  Students may also organize practicum days during breaks or summer through this website.

Professional Training / Education Programs

Du bist Genial – This website provides detailed information about professional training programs for a wide variety of industries.

Deine Lehre – Information about training programs students can apply to that are often combined with academic education programs.

Lehrlingstelle der Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten – Direct contact information about training programs students can apply to that are often combined with academic education programs, such as Lehre mit Matura or Lehre nach Matura.

Duale Akademie – Starting in September 2022, students who complete the IB Diploma have an opportunity to enter a training and education program for the following fields: Technical Engineering, Logistics Management, and IT & Software. This program is a combined work /education program where students spend 70% of their time working in a company and 30% of their time studying and developing professional skills.