Religion has always been and will always be a driving force in the world. Therefore our students will be encouraged to learn about their traditional religions as well as global religious traditions.

Christian values will be a cornerstone of ISC’s character education program with the ultimate goal that students will also gain respect and tolerance for other religions, belief systems and traditions.

ISC will be open to all students regardless of faith, religion or non-religious background. ISC is working with the Diocese of Gurk, the Lutheran Church and other religious organizations to develop an ecumenical approach to religious studies.

To achieve this end ISC offers two religion lessons each week as follows:

  • Religious Studies

    One of the religious lessons is for all the pupils in a class as part of the Social Studies curriculum and it is obligatory for all students. The purpose of this program is to develop social, intercultural and interreligious competences and basic religious knowledge.Your Content Goes Here

  • Religious Education

    The second religious lesson is confessional-oriented. It is a required lesson for all Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox students. Students without religious denomination or students who don’t belong to an acknowledged church or religious community are invited to take part in our Religious Education program. The form to sign up is available at the office.