• Elisej O.R.

    Passing year: 2023

    Greetings all! I’m Elisej and graduated from ISC in May 2023.
    Following my wonderful time at ISC, I completed the mandatory nine months of community service required in Austria. During this exciting and eventful time, I decided to work as a paramedic.
    Currently, I’m looking forward to start studying Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich). This is truly a thrilling opportunity, partly provided by ISC’s education.
  • Pia M.

    Passing year: 2022

    Hey everyone! Following my graduation in May 2022, I decided to commit to studying law.

    I started my Law Diploma Programme in Paris – Lodron Universität Salzburg, Austria in October 2022.

    Like the IB, it can be tough and quite time consuming, but it is similarly rewarding.

  • David L.

    Passing year: 2023

    After graduation I explored Europe during an Interrail trip. After this trip I started to work in the tourism sector at Nassfeld/Carinthia.

    When the winter season is over I will start with my military service – Zivildienst at the Roten Kreuz. Then I am excited about what the future will bring…

  • Gyllana T.

    Passing year: 2023

    After completing my IBDP years at ISC, I made the decision to pursue Intercultural Management at FH Kärnten. This choice stems from my deep interest in understanding and navigating the complexities of diverse cultures, which I believe are essential skills in today’s globalized world.

    Studying at ISC was my eye-opener. It has provided me with a solid foundation in academics, but more importantly, it has cultivated in me a curiosity and appreciation for different cultures and perspectives. This experience has sparked my desire to delve deeper into intercultural communication, negotiation, and business practices.

  • Kerem G.

    Passing year: 2022

    After finishing my studies in ISC, I’ve decided to continue with my lifelong dream of studying Informatics in Uni Wien. I took a gap year, passed Uni Wien’s entrance exam for computer sciences and their German eligibility. Currently I am studying Wirtschaftsinformatik in Vienna and working as a Junior Data analyst on the side. Life is good!

  • Luis B.

    Passing year: 2023

    Hey everyone, after school I moved to Munich where I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

  • Kai N.

    Passing year: 2023

    Economics and finance are present everywhere, not only in business areas, but also in everyone’s life. We are constantly confronted with limited financial resources and forced to make decisions aimed at making the most out of what we have. Especially in the current situation of high inflation and social insecurity, understanding economical and financial theory and having the ability to manage money is more essential than ever. I am eager to study, broaden and deepen my knowledge in these areas. That’s why I have decided to study finance at LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), one of the leading universities worldwide for economics and finance programs. I am lucky to be offered a place there and the study is indeed quite tough.