International School Carinthia strives to provide a comprehensive international education program that is accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds. Thanks to generous state and private funding, we are able to offer the following tuition rates:

Siblings discount:

10% discount per child on tuition fee

Additional fees to be assessed throughout the year:

  • Lunch
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Field trips, ski days,…

Financial terms and conditions

Follow this link to find more about the Financial Terms and Conditions.

Schedule of school fees 2024/25 (in EURO)

The schedule of school fees 2023/24 is available upon request.

The ISC Board determines the fees payable for each student attending the school for each school year.
The fee amounts for the 2024-2025 school year are listed below.

All fees are valid from 1. September 2024

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Application Fee (non refundable)New Students€ 130
Enrollment Fee (non refundable)New Students€ 1,200
DP Fee (non refundable)
Includes IB resources and examination fees
DP 1-2€ 1,240
Class Budget PYP (non refundable)per Semester€ 120
Class Budget MYP (non refundable)per Semester€ 140
Annual Infrastructure Fee (non refundable)New Students€ 1,180
Annual Infrastructure Fee (non refundable)Returning Students€ 710
Tuition* PYP 1
€ 6,218
Tuition*Tuition* PYP 2€ 6,218
Tuition*Tuition* PYP 3€ 6,218
Tuition*Tuition* PYP 4€ 6,218
Tuition*Tuition* PYP 5€ 6,218
Tuition*MYP 1€ 7,462
Tuition*MYP 2€ 7,462
Tuition*MYP 3€ 7,462
Tuition*MYP 4€ 7,462
Tuition*MYP 5€ 7,462
Tuition*DP 1€ 7,462
Tuition*DP 2€ 7,462

*Tuition Fee:
Option 1: one time payment in full after receipt of invoice (September)
Option 2: payment in 10 equal monthly instalments (at the beginning of the month of entry into the school until the end of June)

Please contact for more information about tuition rates and billing issues and concern.